Lipo-C injections contain a high dose of essential nutrients. They contain vitamin B-12 and MIC- a combination of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.  They help to maintain your energy level while on your weight loss plan and support healthy fat burning. Plus, the combination of these nutrients helps promote, encourage and support the removal of fat from your body.  Without these nutrients, bile and fat can build up in your liver causing an array of health issues as well as causing your metabolism to slow, and in severe cases block fat metabolism completely. Patients report injections also help with mental focus and improved mood.  Vitamin B-12 is more effective as an injectable than in pill form, allowing maximum benefit of this nutrient.

How often do you get an injection? It is recommended as a single (1 ml) injection spaced out twice a week or a double (2 ml) injection once a week.

Do Lipotropic injections really help with weight loss? Yes, these injections are a great way to boost your weight loss results.  However, keep in mind that these are not an overnight magic injection. To get the best results you need to pair these shots with a healthy diet and exercise program. They work excellent when hormones are optimally balanced. When feelings of sluggishness are replaced with the abundant energy of an increased fat metabolism you can expect more impact from each visit to the gym.  Plus, Lipotropic injections help preserve lean muscle mass further enhancing your metabolism so you continue burning calories for hours after your workout.

Additional benefits to Lipotropic injections besides weight loss?

  • Lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Helping you feel more energetic and less prone to depression
  • Protecting the liver from damage
  • Protecting the joints by helping with cartilage formation and preventing the onset of arthritis
  • Increasing the strength in your hair and nails
  • Preventing or relieving a range of illnesses such as diabetic nerve pain, panic attacks, insomnia, cancer, depression, ADHD, psoriasis, and autism.
  • Helping you to think clearer and remain more alert
  • Restoring the balance of your hormones